Annual General Meeting 2008
Date8 Apr 2008 14:00 EEST
SubjectAnnual General Meeting 2008
LocationHotel Crowne Plaza, Mannerheimintie 50, Helsinki
Description The 2008 Annual General Meeting of Proha Plc was held on Tuesday April 8, 2008 at 2:00 p.m. in Hotel Crowne Plaza, Mannerheimintie 50, Helsinki. The meeting decided on the following matters assigned to the Annual General Meeting by Article 10 of Proha’s Articles of Association and by the Finnish Companies Act: The Annual General Meeting confirmed the 2007 Financial Statements and discharged the Board of Directors and CEO from liability. The Annual General Meeting approved the Board of Directors' proposal that the net result for the financial period be entered in shareholders’ equity and no dividend be paid. Resolutions on the remuneration of the members of the Board of Directors and auditors' fees The Annual General Meeting decided that the Chairman of the Board be paid EUR 30,000 and each Board member, at the moment of election not employed by the Proha Group or by such company which owns more than five percents of Proha's share capital and who does not exercise dominant influence over such company, to be paid EUR 20,000 per year as remuneration for board work. The Annual General Meeting decided that the auditors will be paid in accordance with a reasonable invoice. Resolutions on the number of members of the Board of Directors and auditors The Annual General Meeting decided that one firm of auditors, authorized by the Central Chamber of Commerce, be elected as the auditor to the company. Election of the members of Board of Directors The following persons were selected in the Proha Board: Birger Flaa, Ernest Jilderda, Antti Manninen, Ilari Koskelo, Jon Erling Tenvik and Svein Stavelin. Election of the regular Auditors and deputy auditors, if needed The Annual General Meeting decided that Ernst & Young Oy, Authorized Public Accountants, with APA Ulla Nykky in charge, be re-elected as the auditor.
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